Claim & Payroll Software

Do all your employees' payroll & FFS processing worldwide with this single integrated hire-to-retire web-based application besides a loan, income tax, and flexible benefit plan workflows. Claim policies get defined here as also claim management & workflow.

You can define your salary period, roundoff, payslip format and payroll Journal Voucher codes

Salary advances or loans given to your employees can be fully automated using a workflow, and the EMI can be deducted from the salaries.

Many countries, provinces & local governments levy some form of tax which can be easily defined in HRMantra, which can be deducted from the salaries payable.

Flexible benefits plan workflow enables employees to choose pay components to suit their needs. For example, based on pay scales, if you provide a company car to senior executives, but some prefer to travel in their vehicles and would rather take more salary than such a perk, this workflow comes in handy.

To save on income taxes, many nations allow employees to invest in many tax-saving instruments. You can configure all such workflows in HRMantra, and the employees can do tax calculations to figure out how to reduce their tax outgoes.


Before doing salary processing every month, you can decide whether any employee's salary has to be put on hold or unhold and whether any bonus has to be given to a set of employees. Then in the salary processing page, you can compare the current month's total active employees gross salary, deductions, and net payable amounts. It also provides the list of new joinees in the current month, those getting increments, hold, exiting and the final payable list of employees. After the attendance entries get calculated, adhoc pay heads like bonuses can be entered followed by variable allowance entries like fuel reimbursements, sales incentives etc. If any employee's previous period's salary was not disbursed for any reason, then such arrears need to be calculated, followed by that month's payroll process. After the salary payable is finalized, this period needs to be closed so that no one goes and calculates salary again for a such period again in the future and finally, the details of the payment done to all the employees need to be entered.

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