Learning Management

Your LMS policies, faculty, venue & training program management can be done using this module. You can manage all the workflows related to training requests, nominations, training feedback, trainees' performance evaluation & post-training effectiveness evaluation in this module.

You can create a yearly learning management system, during which training cycles could be set monthly or quarterly. Multiple training topics can be clubbed to set a training program. You can calculate the training cost based on the classroom rent, faculty fees, food & travel expenses, employees' salaries etc.

You can maintain the details of all the institutes from where you are getting the training faculty.

The details of the venues where the training program is going to be conducted can be maintained

After the training program calendar gets frozen, employees can be given the right to nominate themselves for such training programs using a workflow. After the nomination period gets over, you can finalize the list of participants and monitor the attendance of the participants. If it is an online training program for say 30 minutes, you can inform the trainees that there will be an online test comprising of questions on the topic immediately after it gets over so as to verify whether they had really attended the session.

After the training program gets finished, you can immediately take feedback from the participants regarding the training program. Even the faculty can be asked to give inputs on the performance of the trainees.

To figure out the actual worth of spending a lot of time & money in conducting various training programs, your company can conduct a post-training effectiveness evaluation after about 3 or 6 months to figure out the actual benefits of that training program


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