HRMantra Mobile App

Employees can apply for leave, OD, OT, attendance, claims & helpdesk using their smartphones & managers can approve such requests online. Employees can increase their social networking.

Social Feature

Using the Get Social feature, employees can post questions on various topics which can be answered by others and viewed by them. You can also create groups & post messages to such groups-it is a combined facility like Facebook & Whatsapp for employees to network. Employees can like, share or comment on a post.

Employee Tracking

Using GPS the management can track employees on the field on real-time basis

Apply Empoyee Applications

Employees can apply for leave, On Duty, Over Time, attendance regularization, claim reimbursements & managers can approve such applications.

Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary actions like suspensions, salary cuts or terminations can be maintained as well in the HRM.


Important Dates

Important dates to remember like dates of births, wedding anniversaries, mediclaim or car insurance expiry etc. gets popped up at-least 7 days before the due date for timely action.

Conduct Surveys

HRD can conduct surveys on employee satisfaction, work environment etc.

Employee Votes

HR can ask employees to vote on any topic like canteen hygiene, food quality etc.

Create - My Space

Employees can do activities in My space like ideas, slam book, image gallery, volunteer or help others online.

Company Policies

Nobody reads a notice board in some corner and with huge spam mails coming, even emails sometimes get unnoticed and deleted so it is important that the company policies are readable using smartphones.

Candidate Tests

Tests for employees or candidates can be taken.

Candidate Interviews

Candidate interviews in campus or hotels can be taken.

Request Tickets

Employees can create request tickets for any kind of IT, travel & admn helpdesks & receive SMS when these are closed.


Pay Slips

Employees can view their pay slips online.

3D Analytics Dashboards

HODs can view HR data using 3D real-time dynamic business intelligence analytics dashboards.

Training Programs

Employees can apply for training programs online.

Employee Votes

HR can ask employees to vote on any topic like canteen hygiene, food quality etc.

Whistle Blower

In case of financial frauds or someone harassing a lady, then using the whistle blower feature, such person can easily communicate it to the top mgmt without worrying about his identity getting revealed.

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