It is the foundation of all the other modules, as your org structures are defined here. New workflows beyond the 40+ already provided can be created, as also any new form. All your security, access level, escalation, event reminder & workforce management policies are configured here.

You can define any organization unit like companies, locations, departments, designations, etc. Each legal entity's logo can appear on the top left side of the home page.

All the email & notification templates like offer, appointment & increment letters etc. can be easily created

In all the existing pages, if any field needs to be added or dropped or any new form is required, then without any recoding, it can be done using the Form Designer.

The list of readymade workflows always keeps growing, and the best thing is that we can add any new workflow without extra coding efforts using the Workflow Creator.

You can define Any number of access levels based on the employee grouping concept. We do not charge extra fees if you create more administrators. For each such access level, the page rights can be different.

All managers can assign proxy rights to their colleagues if they go on vacation so that any application sent to their email gets responded to in time. The show must go on.

HRMantra has over 20 security policies akin to any banking software. It also has Single Sign On or active directory capability.

On the homepage, you can configure various widgets & drill down reports, thoughts for the day to motivate your employees, news & events, opinion polls etc.

For each type of application, you can set different approval systems with the help of the world's most powerful escalation mechanism.

We have provided 18+ event reminders like birthdays and wedding anniversary dates which HR can decide to pop up on the home page or send by email or notifications. Users can add custom event reminders like car insurance expiry date, life insurance policy payment date etc.

Audit trail of all the actions like login, logout, save, edit and delete is maintained, excluding the Whistleblower page

Full-fledged Workforce management using workflows is automated based on position

HRMantra can be used across the 12 most used languages worldwide, including German, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, Bangla, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese besides English. We keep on adding more languages. You can add any further language as required or change the existing language captions to better suit your local requirements.

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